Plan Your School Visit

We pride ourselves on offering a well organised education service, and aim to make all aspects of your visit as easy and straightforward as we can.

Visits are planned, delivered and organised by Diana Ives (Education Officer) with Matt Hustwayte (Education Administrator) supported by our dedicated team of volunteers.


You will need to book your visit via the Education Office.

  • For Year 6 Days and Time Travelling, you can request or download a booking form.
  • For all other visits, please email or phone using our contact details at the bottom of this page to check availability. It is useful if you can be flexible or have 2 or 3 possible dates in mind.
  • We can make a provisional booking, but all dates have to go to our weekly diary meeting (the Minster is a very busy place!), so you may have to wait several days before you receive a confirmation form.
  • You will need to check and sign the confirmation form before we plan your visit.
  • For most visits we ask for a donation of £3.50 for half a day and £4.50 per child for a full day. Accompanying adults are free. This includes permission to photograph the building.


Useful Information for your Visit


Most areas are accessible, but certain areas of the Minster are not fully accessible by wheelchair or those with mobility issues. If you let us know in advance we will plan activities accordingly and give more information. Pre visits are welcome.

We love to welcome schools, groups or individuals with SEND, and can provide a quiet space if needed – just ask!

Please remember to tell us of special needs in advance so we can plan for your visit, ensure everyone feels welcome and staff are supported in managing children’s needs.

Coats and Bags

We will provide you with somewhere to leave these during activities, but it will be in a public space so we suggest that you keep valuables with you at all times.


There are toilets for school groups to use at the Archbishop’s Palace, just next door to the Minster. School staff are responsible for loo trips – but they are close and there are plenty of them. If you use our other hall for your lunch, there are toilets there too.

If attending a large event (eg Time Travelling or a Year 6 day) you may share a lunch venue with other schools, so it’s a good idea to stagger loo trips to avoid queues.

We have 2 accessible toilets – at the Palace and at the Refectory. Adults may also use the Refectory loos.


In summer or warm, dry weather we ask schools to picnic in the grounds or Education Garden and we have large tarpaulins for you to borrow.
In inclement weather we provide an indoor lunch venue, and ask schools to remove rubbish and sweep the floor after use. Thank you for your help with this.

Tea, coffee and biscuits are normally available for staff all morning and throughout lunchtime in return for a donation (proceeds go directly to the Education Department).

Shop / Souvenirs

You can visit the Minster shop in supervised groups of no more than 10. However, we suggest that if children would like to bring pocket money, you let us know in advance and we can organise a ‘pop up’ shop for you at lunchtime with a selection of small items.

At Time Travelling and Year 6 days, there will be a ‘pop up’ shop available each day. Souvenir packs may be pre-ordered at £2 each.

Outdoor Space

We have beautiful grounds for picnics or outdoor games. We have a parachute available to borrow on request.

Getting Here / Parking

Southwell is a small town with a one-way system. We will send you a map to ensure you park on the MINSTER side of Church Street in order to avoid the need for road crossing. There is a free car park for cars and minibuses at the VERY bottom of Bishop’s Drive by the scout hut. You can park a car or minibus in the Church Street car park for 2 hours for free, and then charges apply. Coach drivers will need to find their own spaces to park – during Time Travelling we are sometimes able to suggest parking at the Minster School, which has bus spaces.

Coach map school visits to Southwell Minster

Suggested drop off information
We suggest that you ask the driver to drop you on the Minster side of the road on Church Street, which avoids the need to cross a busy road or for the coach to turn around. Download a PDF of the map (shown above) which indicates suggested routes which will bring you to the Minster side of Church Street, avoiding the small, congested town centre which may be difficult for buses.