Key Things to See at Southwell Minster

Norman Romanesque architecture with three different levels creating a Triforium and Clerestory supported by great stone pillars 16 feet in circumference, an astonishing sight. The oak roof was destroyed by fire on November 5th in 1711. The construction of this nave was started in 1108 and it took 50 years to complete.

Great War Memorial Window by Nicholas MynheerAn outstanding window designed by Nicholas Mynheer in 2014. It is a memorial to the men from Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire who lost their lives. The design seeks to reflect the need for forgiveness and reconciliation. View a large image of the window.

Built beside a baptismal pool at the end of the 13th Century. It is decorated with rich naturalistic stone carvings. These world renowned leaves are based on close study of local hedgerows yet contain green men and creatures both real and fanciful. At least 16 varieties of foliage demonstrate dexterity and remarkably accurate observation. One of the most beautiful buildings in this country.
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